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Get your website designed to your specification. Wordpress, Concrete5, Ecommerce, 10 pages or a simple one page design - you can tailor the website to fit your budget and requirements.

Premium quality design doesn't have to have a premium price.

Websites are evolving

With the onset of html5 and CSS3 the web as we know it has changed - new technologies and advancements  mean that it is possible to tailor what the user sees depending upon what sort of device they view the website on.

Tablets, mobile phones and notebooks are taking over as the main viewing portals so it is important to have a responsive website that adapts accordingly. All new websites I build are now built with a responsive framework using the extensive knowledge I have gained over the last decade or so.

It is important to remember the purpose of the website - it is a marketing tool. Websites need to be fast to load so they don't get penalized by Google in it's search engine rankings. They need to be able to be viewed on a number of devices with different screen sizes, on a number of internet browsers and at different screen resolutions. I ensure that a website I build for you is viewable by as many people as possible which means that your message or products reach the greatest audience.

The design process

Web Design

When I design a website for you I will first provide you with a concept mock up based on your specific requirements.

It will then be built in a staged basis and uploaded to a password protected hosting account. You can then view the website at key stages of its development and if you wish to make changes they can be introduced at an earlier stage meaning you end up with the website you really wanted.


I managed to “Break” my PC and lost most of my files and work….Gary rescued me...and at a very reasonable cost