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Is your website optimized for the search engines?. Can you find your website on the first page of Google when searching?

Knowing how to correctly set up your pages, complying with Google's guidelines and ensuring you are doing everything to rank highly takes experience and knowledge - that's where I can help.

How Search Engine Optimisation helps

In today's modern world we rely on technology to provide a means for people to find our business. Search engines provide the easiest way of being found - and of these Google is currently the most popular. Generally, however, people don't search past the 3rd page and the majority of users rely only on the results presented on the first page.

So how do you get on the first page of the search engines?

If our website is specifically optimised for the search engines it is more likely to receive a higher listing. There are various methods of improving your position in the search engines. Websites I build will generally have the basic on-page search engine optimisations already completed. This is included in the cost of the website. If you already have a website not built by me then there is a good possibility that I will be able to improve your search engine performance.

No-one can guarantee you a first page listing, unless they intend to set up a pay per click campaign (adwords in the case of Google) on your behalf. This they often do for low value keyword phrases that get very few clicks, which is how they make their profit. Paying for a service that gets you to the top of Google but provides very few visitors to your site is counter productive.

A pay-per-click campaign might not be the best way for you to spend your monthly marketing budget. A high generic free listing is preferable to a paid listing so you should first review your site to see if it is correctly optimised.

Often disreputable SEO companies will use blackhat techniques to get your webstite to the top. These techniques are unethical and usually break the searc engines terms and conditions - they do work and will get you to the top but this is likely to be a short lived rise as the search engine will penalize the website as soon as they find out. This is like cheating for an exam, getting good marks and beating all of the other students and then getting found out and being disqualified. I do not use any black hat techniques when optimizing a website.

If an SEO company calls or emails you ask them how they intend to get you on the front page. If they are vague, evasive or won't tell you the truth (ask them if they intend to use adwords) then don't use them. Take a look at Google's guidelines so you can see what should and should not be undertaken as part of your SEO campaign. Google's Webmaster Guidelines.

For a free review of your website please give me a call, I will provide you with an assessment of your site and let you know the nature of the improvements that I could make in order to improve your chances of a higher listing.

Link Campaigns

On page improvements are not the full story when it comes to improving your search engine position.

Google, the most used of the search engines, places a lot of emphasis on incoming links from quality sites. The more quality links in the higher you will rank - I am able to build these links for you by conducting a links campaign. I will submit requests for one way links to your site to reputable general and specialist directories on your behalf. If you wish I will also contact reputable website owners within your industry to exchange links. (This will only be done with websites who are not direct competitors with your own business.)

The thing about link building is it has to be done slowly. A large increase in links all of a sudden could lead to Google (or any other search engine) incorrectly assuming that you are spamming links and this could result in your website being banned, penalised or removed from that search engines listings.

The link text used can have an impact on what keywords you are listed under in the generic search engines so it is important to get this right before commencing the link building exercise.

I will create link texts and then conduct the links campaign gradually in order to build the websites reputation, this in turn should lead to the website rising up the listings until first page is reached.

Give me a call on 07737 391886 to find out more.


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