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Are you looking to make your PC more powerful or do you need to set up a new PC? Adding some more RAM or changing your graphics card will likely make your PC run faster and perform better. Contact me for help and advice!

Upgrading your PC

If you are looking to change a component in you PC or even to add a new part with the intention of improving your PC you may need some help.

More RAM usually makes your PC perform better but this all depends upon the operating system and computer architecture.

A dedicated graphics card can help to speed up the graphics processing enabling you to play the latest games or process video faster.

Maybe you just want to add a USB 3.0 card to speed up your data transfer speeds.

Give me a call if you would like assistance upgrading your PC, I will take a look at the PC and make recommendations for improvements you could make, I will source the parts for you at cost price and fit them. My normal fees apply for the installation (except RAM installation see below) and most upgrades can be done within the hour.

As the installation of RAM can normally be completed within half an hour I charge a special fee of just £20 (plus parts) for this.

Re-install Operating System Software

A good way of refreshing your PC is to reset it back to the factory installed state. If you wish for this to be done I would back up all of the documents you wished to keep and providing your system has the required partition or you have the operating system disks I would put the operating system back to the way it was when you first had it delivered.

Installing a New PC


Setting up a new PC is easy for some but confusing for others. Getting your new PC to work with existing hardware and connecting up to your network or the internet may not go to plan. If you need help give me a call. I will unpack and plug in, connect up existing peripherals where possible, connect you to your router, download and install required driver software and remove any junkware the computer manufacturer preinstalled (only if you want me to).


I managed to “Break” my PC and lost most of my files and work….Gary rescued me...and at a very reasonable cost