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What is a PC Tune Up

A PC tune up includes the following services:

  • Full defrag and optimization of hard drive (not necessary for SSD drives)
  • Hard drive integrity check
  • RAM integrity check
  • Virus and Adware removal
  • Fix Registry Problems
  • Speed up boot time
  • Windows Update
  • Removal of unnecessary system files
  • Desktop internal clean

It costs just £49 no matter how long the service takes.

Sometimes your computer can slow up to such an extent it makes it a chore to do anything - playing music, looking at pictures, writing a letter, working on a database, any computer task becomes time consuming and problematic.

You can solve this by having your PC tuned and cleaned.

When should I have it done?


You certainly shouldn't wait until your computer looks like this

Dust is one of the main killers of PCs. A large build up of dust will stop your fan working which will ultimately lead to problems. Your CPU (the central processing unit can break if it is subject to high temperatures, that's why the fan is there in the first place - to keep it cool. The CPU is one of the most expensive parts of your PC and so it pays to look after it.

My recommendation would be to have it done every 6 to 12 months. More regularly than this would potentially be a waste of money as it does take time for the dust to build up and the same can be said for the accumulation of junk on your PC.


I managed to “Break” my PC and lost most of my files and work….Gary rescued me...and at a very reasonable cost