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Are you struggling with IP addresses, DNS Servers and Subnet Masks? Just want to have a home or business network setup so you can just get on with your work then maybe I can help.

If you need help to set up your wireless network or want to connect up a wired network, but don't know where to start, give me a call.

 Wired or Wireless?

Setting up a home network can be fraught with problems. It can be complicated by the many "what if" issues that need to be answered when deciding the best network solution.

  • how many computers are required in the network
  • whether a server is required
  • whether there are any mobile computers to be included (e.g. laptops, notebooks, tablets)
  • the operating systems on the computers
  • the type of internet service (e.g. cable, dsl)
  • what the network will be used for (e.g printer sharing, home entertainment)
  • where the computers are located in your home

wireless-router.pngMost home networks use a mixture of both wired and wireless technologies but whatever way you choose to set up your network I can help. Making the right choices before installing the network is essential and I will provide free advice as to your best set up according to your requirements.

Setting up of a network using wireless technology or pre-installed network cable is charged at my normal hourly rates of £35 for the first hour and £10 for each subsequent half hour or part thereof.

 Home or Business Network?


I am able to configure and setup networks for both home and business use. I can install Cat5e or Cat6 wiring and terminate the ends with RJ45 connectors and network outlets.

The price for installation of a network will depend upon the type of network required and the amount of work involved. Please contact me for a quote.


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