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Computer not starting, randomly shutting down or not working quite like it used to? You likely have hardware or software issues which need to be sorted out to get your computer back on its feet so give me a call - remember if I can't fix it there's no charge.

Is your computer broken? Getting it fixed can often be cost effective.

Your computer can contain a lot of individual parts that can break:

  • RAM Chips
  • Motherboard
  • Central Processing Unit
  • Graphics Card
  • Sound Card
  • Hard Drive
  • Power Supply Unit
  • CD/DVD/Blueray player
  • Network Card
  • USB Ports
  • Fan
  • Power Switch

On top of all of this you have all of the cables which connect everything. The fault could easily just end up being a cable or an incorrectly seated RAM module.

Most PC problems turn out to be software related rather than any of the above hardware.

It's important to correctly identify the problem so that you don't waste money replacing perfectly good parts.

That's where I come in. I can troubleshoot your computer problems and fix them. My rates are £35 for the first hour and £10 for every subsequent half hour and most PC repairs can be done within an hour and a half. This means that potentially a PC repair would only cost £45 plus the cost of parts (if any are required).

 What if it looks like it will take hours to sort out the problem?

Repairing a PC motherboard


If the problem is hard to diagnose or it looks like it is software related and will take lots of scans to fix (some of which can take hours depending upon the hard drive size) I will offer you the opportunity to have the PC taken away to be fixed.

This will cost a flat fee of £49 (parts extra) no matter how long it takes to fix it.

Some hardware issues take trial and error to correctly diagnose and this can take some time. If I feel this is likely to be the case I will offer to take the PC away to perform the diagnosis and repair. Once I have identified the problem I will contact you to inform you and get your confirmation for completion of the repair.

If you decide not to go ahead with the repair e.g. you decide it's not cost effective, then a fee for the diagnosis will still be payable.



I managed to “Break” my PC and lost most of my files and work….Gary rescued me...and at a very reasonable cost